At Nectar Escorts  we have a great team of beautiful Bournemouth escorts in place and due to our busy workload we are looking to expand. If you're sophisticated and confident and feel you have what it takes then please call us on the number opposite.

Knowing we put safety and respect above all else we run a business where ladies can feel comfortable joining us. Nectar Escorts  are a group of experienced Escorts who bring their knowledge and clients together.

Being an escort doesn't have to mean 'Brothel Work', we have a wide range of clients who simply don't want the courtship of a Mistress or Girlfriend and use our agency for genuine reasons, so if you want to join us at Butterfly Kiss please feel free to apply.

Are you with Another Agency? That's no problem. You can never have enough work so all we ask for is honesty and reliability. Please note we are a group of close friends who work together and share in experiences, good and bad. As we work as a team we do have a selection process for interview, it's very important we have ladies work with us who think like us and have a genuine love for the industry.

Finally, are you:

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